Sometimes people send their photos with me to Brazil for herbs. It is like them coming here. Sometimes they send them merely for a blessing if they do not feel they can commit to the protocols associated with taking the herbs.

......And sometimes I will do for people what is known as a surrogate surgery where I will sit in for them while they stay in bed at home. In these cases I act as a conduit for the healing energy rather like the cord between an electric jug and the power source.

Here is one person’s report of such an experience...........

Well, what an amazing weekend.

Firstly, I took the Friday off work so I could be as peaceful as possible. I felt spacey during the afternoon when I had to drive the car. When I looked out the windscreen, the images of people, cars etc looked like they were somehow jumping in frames - not double vision exactly but I definitely should not have been driving. (This ‘jumping vision’ actually started Thursday evening.) Friday was a very exciting day. That night, I went to bed at 10pm with a headache that had been hanging around since the late afternoon – headaches are unusual for me. When I lay down to relax for the night, the right side of my head felt enormous, like there was something attached to that side. Before long, a vice-like band surrounded my head around my temples and forehead producing a strong gripping sensation. At some time before I fell asleep I felt tingles sweeping up and down both of my legs. I also felt some unusual numbing sensation from my cheekbones moving upwards to my forehead. Apart from these few indications, I had nothing else occur and fell into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

But, my partner experienced something quite different. He is very sensitive to any energy or presence in our home, especially in our room. After I had fallen asleep, he woke up feeling panicked. He sensed energy in the room, like nothing he had ever experienced before. He often experiences the sensations of ‘unwelcome’ visitors but he said this energy was different – very intense and it appeared to be between us – and covering me. It took him some time to get back to sleep, and he woke again one more time feeling panicked – he settled down once he realised that the energy was still surrounding me. He had a dreamless sleep after that, which is highly unusual for him. He dreams very frequently and vividly.

I spent the Saturday resting in bed, listening to the rain. I experienced some heaviness in my pelvis which coincided with the beginning of my cycle. But amazingly, I didn't experience the usual strong pain, only a dull ache in my pelvis on Saturday afternoon and during Sunday morning. Usually, I would be on strong painkillers for the first day, and perhaps the second day. This is very significant for me. When I went to bed on Saturday night I felt the same vice like band around my temples and forehead. I fell asleep quickly though and felt nothing more.

On Sunday, it rained on and off in .............and I took the opportunity of resting up as much as possible. It was only on Sunday afternoon that I realised that I hadn’t put on my compression stockings since Friday night – and there was no swelling or pain in my left leg where the most recent blood clot occurred (or my right leg which can be painful from a clot 15 years ago). Also, I felt somehow ‘lighter’ in my pelvis – which is unheard of, especially on day 2 of my cycle.

So, needless to say, I felt amazing by this time!

Unfortunately, I went back to work today and found myself in a pressure cooker environment. I was short of breath and I found it hard to take a full breath. It felt like my defences were completely down. So, I have some work to do tonight to restore some peace and calm before returning to work tomorrow.

I am following the dietary and other requirements on your list, and I am eating as much fresh organic produce from our garden as possible.

I am looking forward to the herbs arriving from Brazil and to having more crystal light treatments.

There is lots of information here, I know so I’ll leave it there for now. If you are interested, I also had some very clear visualisations during 3 of the 4 crystal light sessions, and an amazing sign about being given permission for surrogate surgery. You might have more than enough for now though!

In ending this email, I would like to say thank you once again for bringing me this gift of healing.

While it would have been possible without you, I received a sign during my first crystal session that indicated I should contact you, although I had an offer from another person to act as my surrogate.

So, thank you.

In the spirit of Florence Scovel Shinn, I will hold the energy around this heartfelt prayer for you:

Infinite Spirit, open the way for great abundance on all levels for ............ He is an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to him by divine right. May this come to him under grace, in perfect ways. And so it is.

With many blessings to you........,