In November 2010 the Entity gave his blessing and permission for me to take a group on a pilgrimage through some of the sites that were significant for some of the Entities who work at the Casa when they were incarnate: Montserrat, Assisi, Jerusalem and Goa.

This tour will take place following our June 26 - July 18 tour to the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia. It will take about 3 weeks. Read below, and if, interested contact us for details.

I imagine it will be a fulfilllng, growthful and funfilled experience . It is open to anyone who has been to the Casa de Dom Inácio.

I envisage spending time at each of these sites just “absorbing” rather than doing a lot of sightseeing or having too rigid an agenda at each site. For those who wish, more structured sightseeing excursions can be arranged at each location.

For those coming, a moderate level of fitness and a sense of humour and adventure will be basic requirements along with sufficient flexiblity to go with the flow of whatever arises on such a pilgrimage. Intentionally it will not be highly structured so that there is plenty of opportunity for participants to either just “be” at each venue soaking up the local atmosphere or for us to organize more structured activities and tours for them.

This tour will take approximately 3 weeks. It will be of limited size and will visit :

Montserrat, Spain: Where St Ignatius, Dom Inácio, surrendered himself to the Black Madonna aka Our Lady of Montserrat. See notes from my visit last year: Postcard from a Pilgrim - Monserrat, Spain

Assisi, Italy: The location in which St Francis built his church and worked on his life’s mission.

Jerusalem: The site of the Temple constructed by King Solomon and the centre of King David’s kingdom. See notes from my visit last this year: Postcard from a Pilgrim in Jerusalem

Goa, India: The last resting place for the human remains of St Francisco Xavier whose mortal remains are still there largely intact after almost 460 years.

.......and transfer points in between – Barcelona, Rome, Mumbai.

It will be possible to join us en route for part of the tour although the ideal would be to come to the Casa de Dom Inácio first and leave as a group from there.

As the size of the group will be strictly limited, please register expressions of interest and for more details with me at p.waugh@xtra.co.nz asap.


About the guide / tour initiator

Peter Waugh has been a guide to the Casa de Dom Inácio since 2001, taking between 3 and 5 groups there annually. He also facilitated 2 events for Medium João in New Zealand in 2006 and 2007. As a result of direction to him from the Entity, the Casa de José has also been established in NZ. For further details www.casadejose.org.nz.

Tour Website: www.johnofgod.co.nz
Tour Enquiries: p.waugh@xtra.co.nz
Other Enquiries: info@johnofgod.co.nz
Casa de José: www.casadejose.org.nz
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