Hi fellow pilgrims from Bhutan.

As many of you are aware by now Medium João, aka John of God, has been arrested as a result of multiple sexual abuse allegations. Justice will hopefully be served expeditiously in this realm and beyond.

There are many people directly and indirectly involved who feel very betrayed by what is unfolding here.

We need to be aware of certain factors:

1. It is important to distinguish the man/the medium/the channel with all the potential frailties inherent in the human condition from the healing Entities who have worked through him for the last approximately 65 years to the great benefit of so many. As medium João has always maintained, he heals no-one and that it is God via the good spirits that work through him that do the healing.

2. The Casa remains open as when Medium João is travelling elsewhere. Apparently the meditations and current rooms are particularly strong and many healings are occurring.

3. It is important that we keep our hearts open and send our prayers and compassion to ALL involved without getting swept up in the drama of what is unfolding.

4. Change is inherent in all component things.

All tours for 2019 will still take place and the Casa de José in Wellington continues to operate after Christmas. All are welcome to particpate and lend their support to this work.

May your celebrations of all that Christmas means for you be gentle, peaceful and joyfilled times.